Saturday, 17 January 2015



top & skirt: BRANDY MELVILLE; outerwear: FOREVER 21, boots: MARC&STUART; backpack: VINTAGE

Nope, I have not and most probably won't move on with the whole Alexander Wang x H&M.
Despite of not getting much stuffs I wanted since stocks run out, I think its best to do a 'tribute' post to one of the most trending fashion events in 2014.

Chilling in my inner 'punk-rock' souls plus my fading ombre hair. Basically a school girl inspired look. Something I'd totally wear if I went to high school somewhere in England *drooling* *high school nostalgic moments*

P.S: please kindly vote me for Vanity Fair's IBDC! Means a lot<3

My look on Vanity Fair's Internationl Best-Dressed Challenge:


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Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Spent my Christmas and a lil bit of New Year holiday in Tokyo, and it's probably one of the best decision I've made in 2014.
Shibuya Crossing
*plays Midnight City by M83 while crossing the Shibuya Cross*

Shinjuku Central Park

One place that's really unforgettable would be Aoyama Flower Tea House, which is basically a glasshouse with all those trees, leaves and a window with a super pretty cotton flowers on it. *panic attack*

Aoyama Flower Market 
Ueno Park
Ameya Yokocho

Our trip are mostly in Tokyo, but we stayed for 3 days in Osaka just to see the freakin Wizarding World of Harry Potter, worth it. If you're a Harry Potter junkies, go put it on your 'must-visit-place-before-i-die' list.

Japan was amazing and definitely a place I will want to re-visit again and again. The weather was exceptionally good (I still think winter is a pain in the ass tho). And wow all those RAMENS and SUSHI are just out of this world and really really cheap.

Another thing would be DISNEYLAND AND DISNEYSEA. You definitely never get too old for this. It's such a privilege to experience Christmas here and wow all the shows are just touching my heart so bad I cry.

Let's not forget about the food. the FOOD. THE FOOD. *fails to breathe*

Midori Sushi
Rose Toast, Aoyama Flower Tea House
Tonkatsu Ramen, Kyushu Jangara Ramen
Doraemon Park
Heijouen (kobe beef), Ginza

To sum up, Tokyo had been amazing and beautiful. I've always love looking at all those city lights, makes me wonder all of the beautiful people who have fell for it, and live underneath the skies. And Tokyo has one of the most breathtaking city views and friendliest people ever. It will always be a place I want to revisit again and again.



Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Not gonna lie, I used to think of Harajuku as a street where all people dress up 'kawai' and those kind of anime styles. But boy, my mind was blown when I got there, and I suddenly looked at Japan in a whole different perspective. Their street style is just out of this world.

And don't even mess with the brands they're wearing. Starting from SUPREME, Stussy, Vivienne Westwood, Opening Ceremony, Comme Des Garcons, etc. I love how they bring street-luxe and contemporary into a whole new level.

I swear it felt like I was in a Hypebeast world or photoshoot when strolling in Harajuku. The thing to adore is you can see different kind of styles there, from girl-next-door to punk-rock-queen.

If you got a low budget for shopping in Harajuku, try visiting MONKI (a.ka my fav) or RAGTAG HARAJUKU, where you can find vintage designers stuff. There's also a lot of cute vintage stores near RAGTAG so make sure you find a time to visit.

Harajuku is definitely on my must-visit-list in Japan. Just take a walk there and admire all the beautiful people and play some good ol' city songs. Surely gives you some kind of alskdjalksjdal feelings.


M. x

Saturday, 13 December 2014


top: AEROPOSTALE; outerwear: ZARA; skirt: MONKI; shoes: STYLEDASHER; clutch: IT'S NOT YOU IT'S ME

It has come to my realization how bored and tired it was (for me and all the readers) with me taking outfit posts in the same place same time same routines errrday.

So this time in the very last minute, I took the shoot down below the ground. Literally.

Wearing one of my favorite attire: leather jacket, duh. Which somehow conclude why my teacher (a cool guy indeed) call me 'hey rockstar' every single day. Can't lie I loveeee dressing up like that grunge girl next door. Take Nancy Pungen for example aka PUNK QUEEN. But then again I kinda fail being a 'rockstar', I mean, do you see those cute little patterns on my skirt? TOO DIE FOR ALERT.

I am actually a really really sensitive girl. *insert smirk emoji*

Anywho, Christmas is juuuust round the corner. Don't forget to write down all your Christmas gift lists (low to super high budget) and spread it all way round, and most importantly, gather up with the people you love. After all, its the most beautiful time of the year :)


M. x