Tuesday, 19 May 2015


top: TOPSHOP x Adidas Originals, pants: UNIQLO, sneakers: ADIDAS x HYKE

Forever blaming myself for posting this by a week late, can't really help my procrastinate nature roaring in. 

Anywaaay, can I just say how much in love I am with this time's TOPSHOP x Adidas Originals collaboration? The first time that went through my mind when I saw the sweater is just 'HOLY COW IDC IF IM BROKE I NEED TO GRAB A HOLD OF THOSE'. And damn right I regret nothing, and damn right I might be a bit broke but okay.

Sweater = TRIPPIN' as hell. Do I look like a proper b-boy in this tho?

Looking back at my previous posts, you can pretty much tell how sporty it is. Kinda got the influence from my sister actually. She literally knows any kind of sneakers edition (gosh). I always wondered what kind of person I am, NIKE or ADIDAS?

But whoa with all those collaborations that's totally dangerous for my heart, e.g Superstar, Rita Ora, Hyke, etc...Safe to say that I'm gonna get along with Adidas for a little while...

Let's stay in touch!



Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Your blue girl is back.

top: SEGITIGA, overalls: ZARA, beanie: MAISON KITSUNE, bag: TOPSHOP, socks: MONKI, shoes: UNDERGROUND

Yes I'm back to blue (finally!) and while this post is being written my hair is currently fading into silver-blue ish colour. This is why I have a love-hate relationship with dyeing. It makes you fell in love with the colour but in less than a month, the colour is BAM GONE. just like that *start singing see you again*

Wearing this overalls from ZARA that gives me insomnia for like a month (you know, that kind of dilemma like 'oh shoot should i buy this or not'). But damn it, probably one of the best purchases I did. I regret nothing. 

Seems like this addiction of mine with anything one-piece ain't going nowhere. And according to REBELREBEL's trend forecast (ha!), you should totally grab a piece. This jumpsuit/one piece trend is staying for a loooong time. 

Proudly present too, one of my fav top from SEGITIGA'S FREEDUMB collection. Whoops..did you got all blurred-lines with it? I hope you do. 

I swear my outfit look badass as hell (I try, I really do try) but then you see my socks and goes...PIZZAAA?  Everybody loves pizza. I'm judging you real hard if you don't.


M. x

Wednesday, 22 April 2015



tops: SEGITIGA, plaids: MONKI, jeans: DIY, bag: KATE SPADE, shoes: DR MARTENS, beanie: LAZY OAF

Was so lucky I get to visit Hong Kong for a last-minute term break holiday and shoot with some of my newest collection there. And by shoot I mean basically forcing my dad to shamelessly take pictures of me.

Anywaaaay, I'm so grateful with my team that helps with the processing of launching all the collection form 0 to wow (you know who you are ;)). You can view the collection here.

This collection really means a lot and have a special place in my heart (oh god the cheesy words vomit). Inspired by the current political situation and the main story is to achieve one's dream with no boundaries; and of course to get freedom.

Because really, we're literally just some dumbs making t-shirts and sweaters ;)

This one right here I'm wearing is one of the 'titled' FREEDUMB basic 00 t-shirt. And did you see the beanie?? I bet you were like 'oh wow that's a really cute innocent beanie' and then you see the fuck this word... #mykindofbeanie


M. x

Saturday, 11 April 2015


jumpsuit:FOREVER21, kimono: HOLLISTER, bag: MARC&STUART, boots:DR.MARTENS

If you know the artist that sings the song in this post's title, we are automatically besties kay. Anyway,  not going to Coachella (again) this year *sigh* *rolling on the floor* *cry*, but hey, a girl gotta dream right?

Here's my Coachella festive inspired look, or basically the look I'll totally wear if I'm going. And what would be festive enough other than FRINGE?

Wearing this drop-dead-gorgeous I'm so in love with kimono from Hollister (yes, surprise huh?) with amazing details in the back. To complete this look, I got my friend from British, Dr. Martens which I can't help but wear it with any outfits possible. Seriously, it goes well with anything I'm panicking right now.

And woah, have I ever told you I'm addicted with jumpsuit? Literally, it's not healthy. The thing with jumpsuit is that it can be worn and styled in so many possibilities.

1) Wear it simple
2) With outerwear (leather jackets, denim jackets, cardigan, kimono, etc)
3) Tied a plaid/outerwear on your hips.

See? Totally recommended, go buy some jumpsuits now.

On another note, I made a Coachella playlist in my brand SEGITIGA's 8tracks. Perfect for anyone who are unable to attend and wanna get some of those summer vibes, let's Coachella-ing in our shower shall we?



Sunday, 5 April 2015


top: SEGITIGA, shorts: H&M, plaids: MONKI, bag: KATE SPADE, shoes: DR MARTENS

First things first, just wanna say that we're literally lost when we take these first few pictures.

Went to Hong Kong for a short last-minute trip and I'm so so so in love. A very good place to get lost indeed. Been a while since I last came and I just realised that HK is literally the Asian type of New York. Always busy, never sleeps, and of course amazing shopping streets *panic attack*

Anywho I'm putting 'earphones in, increase the sound, and just wandering around HK' on my before-i-die bucket list. A good place to get disconnected indeed. I can't help but release my inner city girl soul.

Wearing one of my favourite design from my brand SEGITIGA's newest collection, FREEDUMB. Basically the words to live by; Make art, Make Love, Make Out, Make $$$$ (ha!)

P.S: Hong Kong street style is amazing and I'm currently yelling at myself for not taking any decent enough pictures. Someday, someday. And oh my god, the pork buns at TIM HO WAN???? LIFE.