Saturday, 13 December 2014


top: AEROPOSTALE; outerwear: ZARA; skirt: MONKI; shoes: STYLEDASHER; clutch: IT'S NOT YOU IT'S ME

It has come to my realization how bored and tired it was (for me and all the readers) with me taking outfit posts in the same place same time same routines errrday.

So this time in the very last minute, I took the shoot down below the ground. Literally.

Wearing one of my favorite attire: leather jacket, duh. Which somehow conclude why my teacher (a cool guy indeed) call me 'hey rockstar' every single day. Can't lie I loveeee dressing up like that grunge girl next door. Take Nancy Pungen for example aka PUNK QUEEN. But then again I kinda fail being a 'rockstar', I mean, do you see those cute little patterns on my skirt? TOO DIE FOR ALERT.

I am actually a really really sensitive girl. *insert smirk emoji*

Anywho, Christmas is juuuust round the corner. Don't forget to write down all your Christmas gift lists (low to super high budget) and spread it all way round, and most importantly, gather up with the people you love. After all, its the most beautiful time of the year :)


M. x

Sunday, 16 November 2014


"Who wants to sleep in the city that never wakes up?"
jumpsuit: FOREVER 21; jacket: MASSIMO DUTTI; clutch: DYLAN KAIN; shoes: JEFFREY CAMPBELL; necklace: VINTAGE

Can't believe November is ALMOST over, and the next thing you know we're living in the 2015 era. Felt like I'm in some kind of timebomb or something.

Love is the one thing that transcends time and space. 

Woah. Sorry, I'm still on that Interstellar phase. Went to watch the movie midnight with my date (dad) and I swear he slept the entire movie, even snore I think. And I just can't describe how mind blowing the movie is, five dimension, time travelling and you get to see how a wormhole looks like? Genius.

I feel like I'm going through multiple changes in my life. You can clearly see in this outfit post how super 'grungy' it looks. Well it started when I first listened to The 1975, Arctic Monkeys  and some other punk/indie-rock songs. It kinda just clicked my vibes and influence mainly in the way I dress. Those heavy guitar strums and drums are just...alive. 

This kind of memories is something that I really adore. And hey, another movie recommendations! If I Stay really punched my heart and can I just say how any girls deserve at least one Adam Wilde in their life?

Funny how my life is basically directed by music. 

Anyways, I've updated my playlist (on the top bar) to some songs that I'm really into right now.
Hope you enjoy it!


M. x

Friday, 31 October 2014


dress: TOPSHOP, clutch: MARC&STUART, heels: JEFFREY CAMPBELL, necklace: VINTAGE

Yes, my hair is blue. My hair is blue blue blue and I'm so in love. 4 Hours waiting in a saloon and holding my pee ...WORTH IT.
I feel like I'm in this kind of 'zone' where I sort of become addicted and will just re-dye it every single time. But who cares, live fast DYE young, am I right? ;)

The past week has been kinda crazy. I'm so grateful I was given the chance to watch some of Bazaar Fashion Festival (a.ka my first ever fashion show), some major goosebumps moment for me.

It's stil gonna be a crazy month in November. With Jakarta Fashion Week going on (oh the excitement!) and hey, my online store's new collection will launch on the 14th! Plus not to mention this styling competition I'm entering with my sister (anxiety, anxiety). Let's say hello to my old pal: lack of sleep and eyebags.

Wearing my FAVOURITE to-die-for dress from Topshop. I mean look at the cuttings, the 'party-in-the-back' vibe on the back. P e r f e c t i o n. And hey, what we got, transparent clutch + necklace and ombre heels? Life never felt so good.

The thing with transparent clutch is that they make your clothes look so minimalist and effortless. Not to mention a very very versatile look. I would totally heir this to my daughter by chance they live in the 'star-trek' era and shopping is not an option. Ha!


M. x

Friday, 24 October 2014


top: FOREVER21, shorts: H&M, bag: ALEXANDER WANG, sandals: STEVE MADDEN

Finallyyyy an outfit post! It's been a crazy month planning and creating my brand Segitiga & Co.'s next collection, say hello to panda eyes plus hectic schedule. Whatever pays the bill, huh?

I'm bringing out SPORT LUXE, one of Fall trends, in tribute to how amazing the Alexander Wang x H&M collection is. TOO DIE FOR ALERT. Seriously tho, when I first entered college and I got an assignment to do a presentation of our favourite designers, I choose directly, without any thinking or any doubt, Alexander Wang, please? P.S: just realised I'm wearing H&M and A.Wang all in one (coincidence? i think NOT) 

The collaborations will be launch both store and online at 6th November, and you'll probably see me staring in front of the computer clicking every single product on my shopping cart OR queuing in front of the store from dawn. Yes I love it that much. 

Anyway, here's some of my fav picks from the collaborations....

image source: FashionGoneRogue

Definitely gonna be the death of me. Laser cut dress? GENIUS.


M. x

Friday, 3 October 2014


top: MONKI, jeans & bag: TOPSHOP; shoes: STYLEDASHER

Let us breathe and let us tan as it is term break! I am finally free from hell of assignments and can finally sleep up to 14+ hours, a very very rare things you get once you're in college. Which is good, cos it makes me appreciate every lil things in life, like Burger King's double black-pepper with fries, or any sale racks.

P.S: totally out of the blue but I'm watching Monsters Inc. whilst writing this post. Makes me wanna be young forever.

And soooo in regards of my greatest love for college (note the sarcasm), I present you my college essentials...

numero uno. WHITE TSHIRT
well hello a simple plain white t's can really change your life. Its simple, minimal, and v v easy to mix-match with.

numero dos. MOM'S JEANS
I am in loooove with any kind of Mom's Jeans. Some of my friends thought I was pregnant while wearing it but I don't care, did you see how it makes my leg ridiculously long? #allthankstomomsjeans and plus, it looks very retro.

numero tres. TOTE BAG
For me, college means you have no time at all to just clean everything. So tote bag is my life basically. I'm also known as a lazy bastard and thus it helps me to just put everything in and...done!

numero cuatro. SLIP ON
College means laid back and casual (unless you're presenting your major project, then guuurl, you better look smashing from head to toe) so slip on is a must. Any kind of slip on works, just slide your feet in those beautiful pairs and you are READY.


M x.