Saturday, 28 February 2015


Reminiscing the 90s in the best way I possibly can...featuring this vintage overalls my mom used to wore #yayvintage. 

Before we got into anything, say hellooooo to my caramel-fudge hair! I'd be lying if I say that walking pose is not inspired by the great Irene Kim (aka ombre hair queen). Anyway, it still remains a mystery how my hair always represent food. First bubblegum, seaweed, then this. *insert drum roll sound effect*

Wearing probably the best vintage found I got, thanks to my super-hippie mom. Would you believe that my mom is actually pregnant with me when she wore this overalls?

Idk what get inside me but this is basically the most 'layered' outfit I have ever post. New accomplishment? Oh well, but what is a 90s outfit without a good ol' plaids tied in the waist. And damnnn, I'm just so in love with how my overall's baggy pants is so...on point + pants rolling action to finish the look.

Overalls up, plaids tied, shoes and bags on, I'm ready to steal your man go to Burger King.

P.S: I got really cheesy in the weekend. My bad.



Friday, 13 February 2015


Yes, I put a current song I'm loving at the moment as my blog post title, much cliche intended. 

top: BRANDY MELVILLE; bottom: random jeans brand ; outerwear: STUSSY; boots: DR. MARTENS; bag: TOPSHOP

Firstly, on the behalf of the entire world population, I would like to say that I love Fall Out Boy and their new album and even all of their albums.

Secondly, am I punk rock enough with this knee ripped jeans?! *wink*
I must say I'm so in love with this jeans it goes with anything I'm putting it on my will. Was inspired by countless punk rock bands, and its new year new me so why the hell not. Definitely had fun using my kitchen scissors and making sure it creates the perfect ripped.

Wearing an outerwear from Stussy with craaaaazyyyy details on the back. I may or may not able to stop myself from taking too much pictures of it. Anyway, it fits perfectly for this gloomy weather. Makes me wanna go jump directly to summer.

Speaking of summer, you may need to plan ahead and check out some of Rayban sunglasses from Zalora, a.ka the perfect summer companion. Yet again, the classic never fails.

P.S: for anyone who's affected with flood, stay safe and dry ily, its just one week left till we got them angpaos!



Friday, 30 January 2015


Pretending I'm a witch.....

dress: VINTAGE; outerwear: MONKI; bag: ALEXANDER WANG X H&M; shoes: JEFFREY CAMPBELL, fedora

I post too much of my ombre Jeffrey Campbell shoes I'm not even sorry. Anyway, I'm literally on that phase where I don't know what to do with it anymore. For a record, its been 5 times I re-dye it to blue and hey, I'm always open for suggestions for my next hair! Pink? Silver? Platinum? Rainbow? Cotton Candy? You choose! (I may or may not being sarcastic with the colour choices)

Dye-ing my hair makes me realise how hard it is to have a love-hate relationship with washing your hair.

I'm kind of the obsessed with the sling bag I wore in this outfit, and yes another Alexander Wang x H&M. It's so comfy and LIGHTTT, kinda remids you of a Santa bag. Wearing a dress I got from a vintage (HAIL VINTAGE!) store in Toronto which reveal how much of a fringe addict I am *insert monkey emojis*.

On another note, the first month of 2015 is almost ending! Currently working on something exciting and can't wait to show you guys! Stay tune ;)



Saturday, 17 January 2015



top & skirt: BRANDY MELVILLE; outerwear: FOREVER 21, boots: MARC&STUART; backpack: VINTAGE

Nope, I have not and most probably won't move on with the whole Alexander Wang x H&M.
Despite of not getting much stuffs I wanted since stocks run out, I think its best to do a 'tribute' post to one of the most trending fashion events in 2014.

Chilling in my inner 'punk-rock' souls plus my fading ombre hair. Basically a school girl inspired look. Something I'd totally wear if I went to high school somewhere in England *drooling* *high school nostalgic moments*

P.S: please kindly vote me for Vanity Fair's IBDC! Means a lot<3

My look on Vanity Fair's Internationl Best-Dressed Challenge:


M. x

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Spent my Christmas and a lil bit of New Year holiday in Tokyo, and it's probably one of the best decision I've made in 2014.
Shibuya Crossing
*plays Midnight City by M83 while crossing the Shibuya Cross*

Shinjuku Central Park

One place that's really unforgettable would be Aoyama Flower Tea House, which is basically a glasshouse with all those trees, leaves and a window with a super pretty cotton flowers on it. *panic attack*

Aoyama Flower Market 
Ueno Park
Ameya Yokocho

Our trip are mostly in Tokyo, but we stayed for 3 days in Osaka just to see the freakin Wizarding World of Harry Potter, worth it. If you're a Harry Potter junkies, go put it on your 'must-visit-place-before-i-die' list.

Japan was amazing and definitely a place I will want to re-visit again and again. The weather was exceptionally good (I still think winter is a pain in the ass tho). And wow all those RAMENS and SUSHI are just out of this world and really really cheap.

Another thing would be DISNEYLAND AND DISNEYSEA. You definitely never get too old for this. It's such a privilege to experience Christmas here and wow all the shows are just touching my heart so bad I cry.

Let's not forget about the food. the FOOD. THE FOOD. *fails to breathe*

Midori Sushi
Rose Toast, Aoyama Flower Tea House
Tonkatsu Ramen, Kyushu Jangara Ramen
Doraemon Park
Heijouen (kobe beef), Ginza

To sum up, Tokyo had been amazing and beautiful. I've always love looking at all those city lights, makes me wonder all of the beautiful people who have fell for it, and live underneath the skies. And Tokyo has one of the most breathtaking city views and friendliest people ever. It will always be a place I want to revisit again and again.