Friday, 11 April 2014


"Florals? For spring? Ground breaking." - Miranda Priestly

outer: URBAN OUTFITTERS, shorts: ZARA, sandals: MARC & STUART

Introducing you, the official BohoYoho jacket, another love at first sight and obviously a must-have for spring. Been dying to take some shoots and just pull this outer off ever since I caught sight of it. Definitely not like any other 'boho jacket' which is quite a trendsetter nowadays. And, if you look closely, you can see how perfectly made the pattern is. 

Basically an outfit I would totally wear to Coachella. Well, besides the sandals. I mean, heels to a music festival? Might as well name it #shoecide. 

ha ha ha what a pun.

Speaking of Coachella. Here's to anyone going there. You. Are. One. Lucky. Bastard.
*lives 1000miles from there* *take me there please* *rob a bank, buys ticket* 

Okay, I'm off to write a 10 page petition for Jakarta to have these kind of festival a 'culture'. 

Meanwhile, please take your time to admire the beauty that is this 'boho jacket'. 


M. x

Friday, 4 April 2014

white teeth teens.

-white teeth teens are out-

Monochrome basic until...

TADAAAA! A touch of plaid is always essential ;)

t-shirt + plaid: MONKI, skirt: BRANDY MELVILLE, bag: DYLAN KAIN, sneakers: JEFFREY CAMPBELL

If you ask me how I'd do, I'd be lying if I say I'm fine. My favourite series ending in a rather twisted, heart-breaking ways (himym fan, you with me?). Sure I'm fine. I'm totally fine.
Spoiler alert: the mother died.

I MEAN 9 season??????? yellow umbrella????? die????? robin???@!)@(#!!@

*inhale* *exhale*

Other than that, the ending was pretty beautiful. Though I'm still debating whether I truly love or loathe it.

So yeah I'm just gonna sit here watching Family Guy for some comfort. But oh wait, Brian died so....

Anyway, pretty sure I''m still on the phase of too-long-holiday-gone-mad, while college is just round the corner. Not ready. Help.

Moving on....wearing short skirt bcos weyhey, its spring! Time to show off some skin, huh? I always like the idea of believing we have 4 seasons here. Although no, its just one out of two, radiate heat/rain. You choose. 

Monochrome and stuffs with a bit of plaid (sorry, had to). Sparring my sneakers details for the last because according to a truly random quote, save the best for last. And I'm not talking about the studs, platforms and how badass it looked. It's actually really really comfy. No kidding.

Also, this Dylan Kain clutch slash small cross-body bag is totally a keeper. Just put some of your important stuffs + some attitude and you're on. Talkin' some major A++++.


M x.

Friday, 28 March 2014

find you.

"Life's too short to drink crappy coffee and cry over boys who don't care". - Matty Healy (the 1975)

I gotta say, the quotes above spoke to me in a spiritual level...gotta love the 1975.

Jeez, I need to stop obsessing over bands, aren't I?

Not so much of an outfit post, as I haven't got the time to do any yet. I just need some place to pour these thoughts out, in pictures or words.

Being the sentimental creep I am, I can't help but say there are more than 2 quotes/song inspiration for this shoot. Mostly are songs from the OST of Divergent, which is one of my favorites trilogy books.
Not gonna give spoilers but, the third book are such a pain in the ass.

"Going down the dusty roads, we are cold and see-through...I need you"

"Build a city that dreams for two"

"Wind up the spinning top and watch it go, watch it go. Never gonna be easy, was it?"

"And I don't know where I'm going but I know it's gonna be a long time"

The last one is probably my favorite, as it relate to me in a different way. Being all clueless about the future and getting nervous with the choices made. Growing up.

Now that's deep.

Wearing one of my favorite plaid shirts from MONKI. I've gotten really fond of putting my hair up in a bun nowadays. Such a helpful hairstyle, with the extreme heat in here.

Gotta be ready for summer, huh? ;)



Sunday, 23 March 2014


You might need some 3D glasses for this...

T-Shirt: SEGITIGA, Shorts: ZARA, Backpack: some market in China, Socks: HUF, Creepers: UNDERGROUND

I was getting tired with my usual rituals of photoshoot, so I tried something new this a different dimension ;) ha ha

You probably don't know, but I actually co-own this little tiny cutie online shop in Instagram called @segitigaid. We sell rad t-shirts with low prices, such as the one I'm wearing in these photos. One of my personal favorites and's a quick tip, order one size larger than your normal ones for ultimate level of comfort. 

So yeah, in case you want to check' em out, just click here ;)

Anyway, was wearing HUF's plant life socks a.ka weed which I have completely fallen in looooove with. Speaking of weed, I actually made up my mind to buy it bcos of this inside jokes I have with my friends. 

Hahahahahaha and no, we're not weed dealers.

Back to the outfit. Is it just me or am I the only one addicted to anything 'British'?! 
I guess that's not the thing with this creepers right here. I mean, other than originally made from London, will you look at that creepers and tell me how badass it is? 

Can't lie I always feel like ruling the world whenever I wear it.
One word.


M x.

P.S: guess who's seeing Mr. Bruno Mars tomorrow? ;);););)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

how to take down this spring-summer-2014

A complete head-to-toe on how to take down S/S 2014! *yay*

1. Pastel

Talkin bout soft, sweet colors! This feminine color trends is back in the game.

2. Holographic + Iridescent + Metallic

Probably one of my fav trends for this season. I mean its 2014, and we are definitely ready for something...futuristic.

3. Cropped anything

Prepare yourself to show off some 'lines' as cropped top is in this season.

4. Full-Skirt

Who said full-skirt is boring, old, and not-so-good-to-look-at? It's flirty, feminine, and definitely fun to wear.

5. Hair & Beauty

Heads off to the beauty and hair department! This season, Hair is all about summer-y, florals and simplicity. First few pictures is probably my favorites, taken from DOLCE & GABBANA, which kind of reflects the theme 'greece'. Watch out too for messy simple bun, and straight hair. 
Now the beauty. As we know, Spring/Summer is all about bright colors. And what I love is how brave this season is. From colorful eyeliner, white eyeshadow, and super-bold winged eyeliner. 
What's not to love? ;) 


M x